Тема: «Travelling»

цели: формирование коммуникационной компетенций учащихся, расширенение страноведческого кругозора


повторить и активировать в речи учащихся изученные лексические единицы по теме «Travelling» закрепить навыки употребления gerund

Развивать познавательную активность учащихся

формировать у учащихся интерес к культуре разных стран мира

Тип урока: урок- путешествие.

Формы и способы применения ИКТ на данном уроке: Используется учебная презентация, которая демонстрируется на уроке с помощью интерактивной доски.

Оборудование урока: интерактивная доска, презентация в PowerPoint, дидактический раздаточный материал.

Ход урока:

  • Organization moment:
  • Good morning, boys and girls!
  • Good morning, teacher!

T: I’m glad to see you, you may sit down.

  • The main part

T: Today is 2nd of December(1st slide) and the theme of our lesson today is

“ Geography and travelling”( 2nd slide). Today we’ve got an unusual lesson. We are going to have a trip by plane around the world. But before we start our journey you should do some exercises. First of all let’s read the poem about the means of travel( 3rd slide)


T: well done! And now let’s read the countries, cities and sightseeing ( 4th slide)

( New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, The Nile River, Giza, Tokyo, Kyoto, Melbourne, The statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral).

T: As I see you are ready to start our Journey. But we’ll go with one girl Kuralai by name. Let’s read the text about Kuralai’s dream vocation.

(5th slide).

T: We are going by plane are you ready?

P: -Yes! ( 6th slide)

Pupil (p1): When I go on my dream Vocation I am going to fly all over the world. I will mainly see large cities. Maybe I will begin my trip in New York (7th slide)

(Сопровождается звуковым эффектом самолета)

…. There I hope to see The Statue of Liberty

S2: Then I’m going to fly to Paris (8,9th slide)

….. Probably I will see the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral. I’m also going to eat croissants.

S3: Next I will fly to Rio –de Janeiro…(11,12,13th slide)… and Cairo

….. in Rio I will definitely learn to dance samba

S4: when I get to Cairo…

…. I will see the Nile River (13th slide)

S5: Maybe I will see The Pyramids at Giza.

S6: Then I am going to fly to Melbourne…. (13,14th slide)

…. But probably I will stay only a few days in the city. I want to travel in the country and see the special animals like kangaroo and koala bears. ( 16th and 17th slide)

S7: Then I am going to fly to Tokyo. (17th slide)

I hope to see traditional the tradition city of Kyoto.(18th slide)

. Maybe I will try on a kimono there.

S8: My Last Country will be Kazakhstan… (19-20th slide)

. Because this is where I Live. I will Happy to be home again because “East or West Home is best!”( 21st slide)

T: Our travel is over. And now Let’s do some exercises. You Should raise the cards With “ T”

if the sentence is true, with “ f” if sentence is false. 1.T;2.F;3.F;4T;5.F; (22th slide)

T: And now you should make sentences. (23th slide)

S1, S2,….Sn

T:What is the meaning of the proverb “East or West home is best?”

T: Is there a proverb with similar meaning in your mother tongue? ( в гостях хорошо, а дома лучше)

T: You should number these countries according to Kuralai’s plan on your copy books.(25th slide)

Australia-5, Brazil-3, the USA-1, Egypt-4, Kazakhstan-7, Japan-6, France-2.

T:Let’s do the test.(26th, 27th slide)

T: And Now Let’s Focus on Grammar ( Gerund)( 28th-29 th slide)

  • The result of the lesson:

S1: Yes, I think travelling is exciting.

S2: Ithink that we more travel we travel the more we know , etc.

  • Marks for the lesson
  • Home work writing an essay about your dream vocation.

T: So our lesson is over. I wish you really make a trip around the world. Thank you Very much for your Lesson. Good bye!

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