Cinema in London

Lesson plan
Сабақ жоспары

Date (Күні):
Grade (Сыныбы):    9                                                                  
The lexical theme (Сабақтың лексикалық тақырыбы):“Cinema in London”
The grammar theme (Сабақтың грамматикалық тақырыбы):
the Present Perfect Tense Етістіктің шақ категориясы
Aim (Мақсаты):SWBAT discuss the theme “Cinema” using new words and make up sentences in the Past Perfect Tense
Objectives (Мақсаттары):
  1.    Educational (Білімділік):
to improve speaking abilities of pupils through discussing;
— to fix their knowledge in grammar;

  1. Developing (Дамытушылық):

-to enlarge vocabulary of the pupils
— to develop in outlook of the pupils;
— to train their memory;
— develop communicative skills

  1. Bringing – up (Тәрбиелік):

— to bring-up the skill of communication;
— to bring-up the pupils’ respect to their individuality;
— to teach pupils to love the foreign languages;
The kind of the lesson(Сабақтың түрі): combined lesson
The type of the lesson(Сабақтың типі): discussion, question-answer, writing
Methods of the lesson: (Сабақтың әдіс-тәсілі): clusters, explaining, question-answer, test
Visual aids (Қолданылған көрнекіліктер):presentation, computer, board, pictures, videos, cards for every student, book.
Interconnection of subjects (Сабақтың пәнаралық байланысы): geography, history, misic

Plan of the lesson


Кезең және әрекеттер
(Stage of activity)




Ұйымдастыру кезеңі.
(Organization moment)
— Good morning!
— Good morning teacher!
— I’m very glad to see you at today’s lesson. How are you?
— I’m fine, and you?
— I’m fine too, thank you, sit down please!
The report of the pupil on duty
— Who is on duty today?
— I’m on duty today.
— Who is absent today?
— Everybody is present.
— What date is it today?
— What day is it today?
— Well, thank you, sit down please.



5 min

Үй тапсырмасын тексеру
(Checking homework)
What was your home task?
v  Writing an essay “What do I do for fun?” (collecting copybooks)
v  P. 50., ex.6



5 min

Сергіту кезеңі.
(Warm – up)

Robert Williams

Boys and girls! Guess what theme of today’s lesson. I say you some words-associations.

Pop corn




Capital of England


Yes, you are right! The theme of our lesson is Cinema in London!

Divide into 3 groups.
Your task — Group these into three. Classical, western, thrillers, adventures, jazz, pop, news, blues, horrors films, game shows, comedy, science fiction, soap operas, talk-shows


TV programme



  Let’s check!

























Жаңа тақырып.
(New theme)
—          Do you like to go to the cinema?
—          How often do you go to the cinema? (once a week, twice a month, never, etc.)
—          What kind of films do you like the most?
—          Can you name some popular films made in Kazakhstan?
—          When did you last go to the cinema and what film did you see?
Students, today we will speak about different films (thrillers, comedy, horrors films, etc.)  Before write down new words which can help you later.
Cinema-going – киноға бару
Entertainment- көңіл көтеру
To get ticket — билет алу
Action – іс-әрекет
Director – режиссер
Dubbed film – дубльденген
Full-length film — толықметраждық фильм
Screen – экран
Script – сценарий
Plot- сюжет
The main (leading) role — бас рөл
To act/to play – ойнау
To shoot a film – фильм түсіру
To be dubbed in Russian/Kazakh – орыс/қазақ тіліне дубль жасаған

Writing (working in groups)
Now every group should choose a picture and using new words prepare some information about this film and present us. (Genre, country, director, plot, actors/actress etc.) Give you 8-10 min

Titanic” drama

Shrek” cartoon


OK, let’s listen to groups! Thank you!




















































 5-6 min

Тақырыпты бекіту.
(Fixing these theme)
Let’s continue the grammar theme.
Past Perfect Tense

S + had + V3(PII)


Time markers: for, since, already, after, just, never, yet, before, by, by the time etc.
Let’s remember when do we use this tense?
Өткен шақтағы (Past Indefinite) have – had көмекші етістігі мен мағыналы етістіктің өткен шақтағы есімшесі (Past Participle – V3(PII)) арқылы жасалады.
had етістігі жақ бойынша өзгермейді.

Өткен шақтағы белгілі бір уақытқа дейін аяқталған оқиғаны білдіреді.

Оқиға байланысты болуы мүмкін:
1) сағатқа, уақытқа,мезгілге т;

Example: I had learned all the words by six o\’clock. – Сағат 6-ға дейін мен барлық сөздерді жаттап алдым.
He had completed his work by five o\’clock. – Ол сағат 5-ке дейін өз жұмысын аяқтады.

2) басқа оқиғаға немеса қимылға;
Бұл жағдайда Past Continuous Tense бағыныңқы құрмалас сөйлемде өткен шақтардың бір формасымен қолданылады.

Example: Оmar had learned English before he came to America. – Омар Америкаға келгенше ағылшын тілін үйренді.
I saw that my friends had gone. – Мен достарымның әлдеқашан кетіп қалғанын көрдім.

Now we’ll practise and fix Past Perfect Tense with test. (Level A,B,C)
Level A.
1)      I thought that Mrs. Fowler ______ us everything.
a)      told
b)      had told
c)      was told
2)      We could not send you a postcard because we _____ our address book.
a)      have forgotten
b)      had forgotted
c)      had forgotten
3)      I _____ the key that he had given to me.
a)      lost
b)      losted
c)      had lost
4)      She put on the red dress, which she _____ for ages.
a)      has not worn
b)      not had worn
c)      had not worn
5)      When they came home, Sue _____ dinner already.
a)      has cooked
b)      had cooked
c)      had cooking

Level B
Complete the sentences in Past Perfect Simple (positive).
1)      I lost the key that he (give)  ________ to me.
2)      She told me that she (see)  _________ a ghost.
3)      I went downstairs because I (hear)  _________ a noise.

Complete the sentences in Past Perfect Simple (negative).             
1)      The waiter served something that we (not / order)____________ .
2)      He went to Alaska where he (not / be) _________  before.
3)      She put on the red dress, which she (not / wear) ___________ for ages.

Level C
1)      The waiter served something that we _____.
a)      have not ordered
b)      had not ordered
c)      not had ordered
2)      Why _____ the bathroom before you bathed the dog?
a)      had you cleaned
b)      you had cleaned
c)      had you clean
3)      I _____ downstairs because I had heard a noise
a)      go
b)      had gone
c)      went
4)      The letter ______ just before I ______ back.
a)      came, arrived
b)      had come, arrived
c)      came, had arrived
5)      _____ your homework before you went to the cinema?
a)      Did you finished
b)      Had you finished
c)      You had finished
Complete the questions in Past Perfect Simple.

  1. (you / finish)  ___________your homework before you went to the cinema?
  2. (why / you / clean)  ____________the bathroom before you bathed the dog?
  3. (you / have)  ____________breakfast before you came here?
  4. (she / find)  _____________a place to stay when she went to Boston?
  5. (where / she / live) __________ before she moved to Chicago?

Now I offer to listen to a song “Hans Zimmer & (Madagascar  2 OST) — Alex on the spot”. Complete the text with the words in the box.

Place Strange Rain Check Thing King Jam Dancing Home

I\’ve been around the world in the pouring _____
feeling out of ____, I\’m feeling______.
Take me to a place where they know my name,
where everyone knows my name…

_____ it _____ it out while I\’m might do my ______,
_____ of the floor, king of the swing
Play a little beat, I\’ll be your ______ machine,
Play a little____ , I\’ll come alive, alive, alive

{They\’ve got jungle fever, show them some love, show them love…)
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

This is my____ , This is my ____,
King of the throne, This is my home,
This is my home, This is my home,
This is my home…

See I\’ve been traveling, been traveling forever,
but now that I\’m finally home, feels like I\’m in heaven,
Oh, you are right! Thank you!




Үй тапсырмасын беру.
(Giving h/t)
At home you should prepare

  1. Learn new words
  2. P.57 ex.11
  3. prepare a presentation “my favourite film”



1 min

Рефлексия (Reflection)
I gave you merry and sad smiles. Tell me, please, what is your mood now? Show me the sad or the merry smile.




You were very active today! Well done! Try to remember  new vocabulary. Your marks for today…
The lesson is over. You may have a rest. Good day!


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